Ecommerce development solutions

The companies that move fast will stay competitive in today’s digital world. Embracing digital technology opens brands to faster and more effective consumer engagement, especially – and we can’t say it enough – in RETAIL.

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Custom mobile apps meet consumers where they are

Consumers are buying, but only the brands that know to embrace eCommerce development services are the ones cashing in. Retail operations can be streamlined with software solutions, but the biggest return comes with the custom retail solutions that facilitate access and ease of purchasing across devices.

Mobile eCommerce App Design

Take a look at Jafton’s custom mobile software development, and your brand will upload into a new world of possibilities.

Plenty of businesses today devote themselves entirely to eCommerce, and in this hyper-competitive space it’s all most can do just to keep up. Leveraging data science and improving access to your products come with the digital strategy that you need to meet consumers where they’re at and stay competitive.

Digital Strategy Today is Omnidevice

Businesses lose market share if they’re not adapting for all devices. While 59% of consumers make their online purchase on mobile devices, a whopping 85% start a purchase on one device to end it on another.

Retail and eCommerce opportunities of tomorrow:
  • 51% of retailers say the client is the driver for change, and today's client is mobile
  • 49% of businesses say the biggest hurdle to go digital is legacy technology
  • 70% of retailers believe digital solutions have greater power when applied together
  • 90% of pre-purchasing research happens online
Where are all the consumers at?

Retail audiences have moved to the web, and eCommerce has created a new market space for you where clients don’t have to be local anymore. A recent National Retail Federation study found that 20% of consumers shop at least once a week online—if your in-store numbers have dropped, where do you think those consumers have gone?

Learn The 21st-Century Purchase Process

The National Retail Federation found that 75% of consumers research products online before buying. And when they are ready to buy, if the product is a click away, they’re a lot more likely to buy it there than anywhere else.

The current need for eCommerce development services in retail

Operational digital innovations can be just as disruptive as consumer-facing app solutions. Yes, you need to be where consumers are. But how the back-end of your business works is a big factor, too, especially when your business grows and you face digital scaling issues. Technologies like Magento and Shopify can answer that call. Jafton is equipped to integrate these solutions with ERP, CRM and inventory management systems on top of it.

Learn About Mobile App Trends In Retail

Retailers and eCommerce brands are always looking for a competitive edge, and e-commerce website development services provide the springboard. An innovative look at these fast-changing technologies will launch you into the world of digital possibilities.

Digital services like distributed ledger technology (Blockchain), cloud computing, and updates to internal software and infrastructures can unlock the door to huge new operational efficiencies. In your market, there are other companies who have already adopted these technologies. You can make your own pond bigger by unlocking the digital tap.

A custom widget and digital dashboard creating a predictable engine for website conversions
A custom widget and digital dashboard creating a predictable engine for website conversions
Where innovation in eCommerce met a niche need
VaultCouture saw the need for a digital wardrobe service, but there were more ideas to test, too. Read what Jafton built into the innovative platform.
Investment, financial and intellectual resources
The Digital Trust Fund was built as network to combine investment, financial, and intellectual resources to promote growth in the rising Uzbek economy.
A custom ecommerce experience to improve users’ quality of life
A custom ecommerce experience to improve users’ quality of life
Transportation logistics software will be good for operations, good for brands, and good for the consumer. Explore custom software solutions, cloud services, distributed ledger tech and big-data possibilities with a call to Jafton today.


Jafton reads deep into the latest thinking to keep all your digital solutions ahead of the curve. Working with Jafton opens the door to transparent and active collaboration with our Agile team, allowing us to weave in opportunities when new technologies and market shifts come up.