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Logistics management software

Logistics doesn’t have to be complicated. Today, with phones in-hand and GPS literally everywhere, all corners of the industry from freight shipping to calling for a taxi or delivery are primed to be customer-centric, quick and simple. App development is also woven into new operational structures and services, providing ease and transparency in the industry.

Custom Software Development for Logistics

Competition is high in transportation. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, but new players are on the field who have radically disrupted the space. Learn how to get in on the revolution.

Advancements in operational productivities, including real-time data on every party and deliverable in a transaction, lower costs for consumers and companies, too. Operations can be rebuilt to 21st-century efficiencies using interactive apps, cloud security, and updates to legacy infrastructures. Hyper-connectedness is already a reality on the consumer level. And as soon as your brand connects, the digital world will quickly come into focus.

Update Your Legacy Apps to Join the Digital Transformation

Updating legacy infrastructures has been one of the biggest roadblocks to “getting with the times” in transportation. Logistics software took off with start-ups disrupting the space, and many logistics companies felt left behind.

Digital opportunities in logistics:
  • AI in logistics is set to grow to a market value of $6.5 billion by 2023
  • The number of third-party logistics companies is slated to grow by 6% by 2022
  • Digital solutions for shipment traceability can boost carrier earnings by 10-15%
  • Roughly 20% of digital investment in the next year will be directed to supply chain optimizations
The Blockchain in logistics

With supply chain investments estimated to reach 20% of the country’s digital transformation investment this year, the opportunity for optimizations in logistics is enormous. Transportation companies can add trust and transparency to transactions, expedite agreements through Smart Contracts, and leverage existing GPS technology in combination with distributed ledger validation through Jafton’s digital solutions.

Machine learning and ride optimization

The drag and acceleration of a single truck account for roughly 30% of its operational costs in fuel. These kinds of metrics can be funneled into AI-led optimizations for greater efficiencies in the actual movement of freight. With custom software designed specifically for the logistics industry, plus cloud computing and machine learning, Jafton can move your company to the digital front line.

The immediate need for digital in logistics

Carriers and logistics providers today have the opportunity to grow digitally to stay relevant. With online shopping booming and the logistics industry on the rise, it’s the new mobile app-based courier services, taxis and the rest that have gained digital clout. By your company updating existing infrastructures, Jafton will bring you to new market standards and take your growth to the next level.

Our Success Stories

A custom widget and digital dashboard creating a predictable engine for website conversions
A custom widget and digital dashboard creating a predictable engine for website conversions
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VaultCouture saw the need for a digital wardrobe service, but there were more ideas to test, too. Read what Jafton built into the innovative platform.
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A custom ecommerce experience to improve users’ quality of life
A custom ecommerce experience to improve users’ quality of life
Transportation logistics software will be good for operations, good for brands, and good for the consumer. Explore custom software solutions, cloud services, distributed ledger tech and big-data possibilities with a call to Jafton today.


Jafton reads deep into the latest thinking to keep all your digital solutions ahead of the curve. Working with Jafton opens the door to transparent and active collaboration with our Agile team, allowing us to weave in opportunities when new technologies and market shifts come up.


My website finally matches what I do. It makes a statement, and there is a much better connection with the other aspects of my business.

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Djurabek IsmatovFounder of Parkble (raised $500k)

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The product that we built is one of a kind - very complex and not every company can build but Jafton team did their job on a high end.

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Such a responsive and lean structure of the team. And they know what you need better than you.

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