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Core areas
Cloud computing

Our cloud computing services enable you to harness the power of remote servers for unprecedented agility and inexpensive data processing, all while ensuring that your operations can keep up with increased traffic as your business and data grow.


We have the expertise to engineer your cutting-edge security solutions and move you to the cloud so you can responsibly set your business up for success. We guide you through the transition, too.


Microservices are an architectural approach to creating cloud applications. Each app is built as a set of services, running its own processes and communicating through application programming interfaces (APIs). You can leverage the autonomy and agility that microservices offer, leaving you to develop with flexibility and record scaling.

Agile approach

We use Agile development to shape process and decisions, to effectively respond to and even harness changes, and also to strengthen the cooperation of development with business teams. Thanks to our process, we deliver better software that not only meets your expectations but will blow your mind with our slick project management.

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Digital solutions for operational success

For shorter time-to-market, custom software development uses cloud technologies. This, coupled with Agile processes, means you can refine each iteration of your mobile app while it’s live on the market—without any interruption to service.

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The Future of Cloud Computing
Protect your data and software

The benefits of migrating procedures and software to the cloud are many, and it’s easy to sell the idea of fast deployment and remote servers. But what about security and compliance? Not only are consumers concerned about data security (and protected by a growing list of regulations), but your entire business is stored digitally in a vulnerable way if you’re using anything less than the latest technology.

Jafton’s cloud-based solutions enable the firewalls and encryption that can enhance security. This means your peace of mind, your users’ peace of mind, and easier compliance when you migrate to the cloud. Our team has the process in place to guide you through your cloud transition, so compliance and security can both be solved in a snap.

Unprecedented scaling with multi-cloud architecture

This is where it gets more technical, but the cloud’s capacity to solve your scaling issues is crucial to the usability of your software. Migrating to the cloud means you can immediately respond to changes in user traffic and scale intelligently as your user list grows. Jafton’s cloud services distribute load-balanced resources for scalability, and the now-achievable 100% uptime reality for users will make them fall in love with your solution—and stay in love with it.

Our Success Stories

A custom widget and digital dashboard creating a predictable engine for website conversions
A custom widget and digital dashboard creating a predictable engine for website conversions
Where innovation in eCommerce met a niche need
VaultCouture saw the need for a digital wardrobe service, but there were more ideas to test, too. Read what Jafton built into the innovative platform.
Investment, financial and intellectual resources
The Digital Trust Fund was built as network to combine investment, financial, and intellectual resources to promote growth in the rising Uzbek economy.
A custom ecommerce experience to improve users’ quality of life
A custom ecommerce experience to improve users’ quality of life
Enjoy the consistent, high-performance success of your software and know that it can scale with the speed and consistency your users expect.


Jafton reads deep into the latest thinking to keep all your digital solutions ahead of the curve. Working with Jafton opens the door to transparent and active collaboration with our Agile team, allowing us to weave in opportunities when new technologies and market shifts come up.


My website finally matches what I do. It makes a statement, and there is a much better connection with the other aspects of my business.

Peter NielsenLife Coach

We got not only a strong technical product but a business strategy consulting on how to make it successful from the team that has succeeded in similar business themselves.

Djurabek IsmatovFounder of Parkble (raised $500k)

We got lucky because Jafton has a lot of experience building different marketplaces.

Founders of Rentime

The product that we built is one of a kind - very complex and not every company can build but Jafton team did their job on a high end.

Founders of VaultCoutute

Such a responsive and lean structure of the team. And they know what you need better than you.

Digital Trust team