Mobile app development services

Jafton is the mobile app development company providing the services you need with the Agile processes that steer your project to success. We offer full-stack iOS, Android and web development services along with business analysis, design, QA and project management.

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What we do

We offer iOS and Android custom mobile app development services to meet your audience on any device.

iOS app development

We design and develop iOS apps from the ground up to provide you the customer-centric solutions you need. Jafton is well equipped to help you integrate your app with a 3rd party service or your CRM or ERP system.

Android app development

With Android being the most popular mobile operating system worldwide, you don’t want to miss the opportunities in the global space, and Jafton has a unique experience to help you build high performance and scalable Android apps.

Hybrid apps

Our experienced team of mobile and web development experts can rapidly build hybrid apps that serve both iOS and Android systems as well as decrease development time and costs. We use technologies such as React Native, Ionic and Xamarin.

Success story
Understanding the Mobile Apps Landscape and Digital Opportunities

Our approach to mobile app development

Our dedicated team of mobile developers is focused on delivering world-class mobile apps. And with our training and research into the latest trends, your app will leverage the newest features available. We build strong relationships with you by staying accountable for our projects, making our entire processes transparent, and delivering the results you need.

Mobile app development services

Agile approach
We use Agile processes at Jafton to support multiple iterations of your custom app, giving you the power to rapidly test and refine until your product creates its own dynamic market space.
Design thinking is the base of Jafton’s mobile app development. This empowers us to extract, learn and apply customer-centric ideas to solve problems in a creative way.
Our mobile software development company has innovative digital problem solving in its DNA. We work with you to develop the mobile app to meet and exceed your expectations.
Today, 85% of purchases and provider research start on one device and end on another. Jafton integrates your app across systems and services so you can be everywhere you need to.
The average spend in-app for consumers in 2016 was $379 annually, and that number is expected to grow to $1,008 by 2021. Your piece of the pie is on the other side of a call to us.
Post-release support
Our Agile approach means giving you custom support once your mobile app is live. We continue testing and analysis to respond to what your consumers use, want, and need.
Jafton has years of experience as the Agile mobile app development firm creating customer-centric solutions that shift whole industries. The demand for digital products today is enormous, and your custom mobile app can be the next big thing—starting with a call to us today.


Jafton reads deep into the latest thinking to keep all your digital solutions ahead of the curve. Working with Jafton opens the door to transparent and active collaboration with our Agile team, allowing us to weave in opportunities when new technologies and market shifts come up.