The Jafton team of global experts offers custom software development, integration, product analysis, design and support services.

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Core areas
Product analysis

Our 18 years of experience building digital solutions enable us to redefine our definition of success. Our process today navigates you through a full product journey—from design to launch and market analysis. No project is done until it's a tested success.

UI/UX Design

We design unique and imaginative apps to meet your needs while wearing our customer-centric lenses. With usability as one of the first “stress tests” we apply to any design, our innovations in user experience are where we breathe practicality into your big idea.

Software development

Empowered by deep industry expertise, our team is in constant evolution with the changing market. We start with the goal to deliver customer-centric solutions that address the unique needs of each business. Let us transform your concept into the next big thing.

System Integration

We deliver unified and flexible solutions that streamline your operations and bolster big data, scaling and user accessibility. Leverage our sophisticated solutions to achieve process efficiency, add scalability and save time and money.

Support & Maintenance

Our work doesn’t stop when your app is designed, developed, or launched. Armed with our data analysis expertise, we copilot your project to tested success. From designing your solution up to pushing it to the market, we’re with you at the helm to steer you to your end objectives.

Your custom software on the cloud

For shorter time-to-market, custom software development uses cloud technologies. This, coupled with Agile processes, means you can refine each iteration of your mobile app while it’s live on the market—without any interruption to service.

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A new era of product development

Times change, and customer behavior constantly evolves. And while preferences and expectations grow, your business doesn’t have to be held back by stagnant status quos or outdated technologies. These “standard practices” are usually the baggage our clients bring when they come to us for help, and it’s our job to create the custom app to move each business to the next generation of accessibility, function and consumer reach.

We navigate our clients through a process of deep digital transformation, whether by crafting new solutions or modernizing existing ones—including the execution and analysis of your custom app to ensure its alignment with your end goals.

Blockchain technology in your industry

Worldwide spending on Blockchain solutions will increase to $12.4 billion in 2022, from $1.5 billion in 2018. This, in large part, is due to its innovative integrations into custom mobile app development. Read more about Jafton’s Blockchain solutions.

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Digital products driving growth

Our 18 years in business, plus the diversity of talent brought by each team member, allow us to creatively approach even the most complex business challenges. And, with great satisfaction, we solve those challenges using the best design thinking.

Our team is constantly evolving through training to fit each client’s needs, and even where problems are abstract or hard to articulate, our team is passionate about creating a real solution.

The time to go mobile is now

By 2021, the global app economy will be worth $6.3 trillion. This number clearly states the growth and possibility in the mobile app landscape, with a staggering 484% increase over five years.

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A team of talents

Our globally-distributed Agile team brings diverse experience into Jafton’s well-established way of business. Each team member adds unique experience to our operation, allowing us to apply our proven processes with an unbridled flow of fresh innovation.

Our approach to software development delivers real, fast and flexible results, all while staying Agile. We celebrate a shared passion for big ideas, and no business is the same after our team has crafted the custom solutions to match their problems by unlocking that digital door. Step up and contact us now—today’s digital terrain is ready for you to cultivate your brand in a totally new way.

Our Success Stories

A custom widget and digital dashboard creating a predictable engine for website conversions
A custom widget and digital dashboard creating a predictable engine for website conversions
Where innovation in eCommerce met a niche need
VaultCouture saw the need for a digital wardrobe service, but there were more ideas to test, too. Read what Jafton built into the innovative platform.
Investment, financial and intellectual resources
The Digital Trust Fund was built as network to combine investment, financial, and intellectual resources to promote growth in the rising Uzbek economy.
A custom ecommerce experience to improve users’ quality of life
A custom ecommerce experience to improve users’ quality of life
In 2018, 4 billion people spent a total of 2.1 trillion hours in apps. Your custom app could be next, contact us today to get started.


Jafton reads deep into the latest thinking to keep all your digital solutions ahead of the curve. Working with Jafton opens the door to transparent and active collaboration with our Agile team, allowing us to weave in opportunities when new technologies and market shifts come up.