Parkble App - A P2P platform that solves parking in busy cities by creating a network of available spots


Parking is a huge problem that causes stress and wastes time for car owners. Millions of drivers (especially in bigger cities) spend hours a week in search for parking, and it costs them money, damages the environment and takes time away that could be spent on more useful things. The founder of the Parkble app felt that this never-ending cycle could be resolved with the right technology. This is where they came to Jafton, with an idea of building the perfect digital solution for troubled drivers.


Coming from the product background from our CEO, Bobir Akilkhanov (who has experience building and successfully scaling a multitude of online platforms), we approached this problem as a tech-startup and not just website designers. Jafton not only offered to build the comprehensive mobile app that would create a P2P network of drivers to solve this crucial pain point, but also provided the client with an experience-based scaling and user-acquisition roadmap.

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Millions of drivers on a single network

Parkble app will connect millions of city drivers on a single mobile app network to create a compound value for each network member.

Less empty driving— more living

As drivers spend less time roaming around the blocks they can spend more time with their family or do whatever it is they love to do.

A personal garage that’s always on you

As the number of users in the network increases, so does the value of the network as a whole for each user. As a result, it feels like you have your own garage in your pocket. 

Technology used

We work to balance the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies with the established technology available. With the experience we have offering a full suite of digital solutions, our product architects are able to carefully plan a stack of technologies to use in each project. Where we see an opportunity to create a superior product, we collaborate with you to leverage the most robust tools available.

Peer-to-peer parking exchange platform built for city drivers

The Parkble App is now available on the App Store and is successfully growing their user base, offering them the most innovative mobile experience. The features that make the Parkble app seamless include the automatic motion detector, parking location saver, reward points for sharing spots and more.

To create the Parkble app, a comprehensive technology that would connect so many drivers, the whole Jafton team had to come together to map out the development, user experience and product-market fit. As a result, the client raised a successful round A from investors who were impressed and excited by the product. 

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Jafton reads deep into the latest thinking to keep all your digital solutions ahead of the curve. Working with Jafton opens the door to transparent and active collaboration with our Agile team, allowing us to weave in opportunities when new technologies and market shifts come up.

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My website finally matches what I do. It makes a statement, and there is a much better connection with the other aspects of my business.

Peter NielsenLife Coach

We got not only a strong technical product but a business strategy consulting on how to make it successful from the team that has succeeded in similar business themselves.

Djurabek IsmatovFounder of Parkble (raised $500k)

We got lucky because Jafton has a lot of experience building different marketplaces.

Founders of Rentime

The product that we built is one of a kind - very complex and not every company can build but Jafton team did their job on a high end.

Founders of VaultCoutute

Such a responsive and lean structure of the team. And they know what you need better than you.

Digital Trust team