Poutcase.com - an ecommerce website for the world’s first make-up phone case


PoutCase is the world’s first digital make-up case. It was picked up quickly in the fashion industry and became many celebrities’ favorite accessory. But regardless how clever of a product you have, that product needs sales. And in today’s world, you need the online sales—these are as important, if not more, than the traditional sales channels today. This is where PoutCase founder decided to build a direct-to-consumer online website, and approached Jafton for the solution.


Having successfully founded and exited multiple multimillion-dollar ecommerce startups in Europe, Jafton founder Bobir Akilkhanov knew exactly what the client needed and was able to help on both the tech and business sides of the project. The Jafton team lead by Bobir built a cleanly designed web-store with higher-than-average sales.

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Brand’s message delivered on-the-nose

Website visitors instantly understood the brand’s message and the product mission.

Measurable success in sales

The sales growth strategy Jafton added on top of the tech solution we built is constantly delivering PoutCase exponential brand and sales growth.

Built for flexibility and dynamic growth

The PoutCase has changed since its launch, having added more product offerings, press releases, and new design alterations. Being lean and Agile at its core, Jafton considered these potential changes when building the project and has made it seamless to tweak when needed.

Technology used

We work to balance the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies with the established technology available. With the experience we have offering a full suite of digital solutions, our product architects are able to carefully plan a stack of technologies to use in each project. Where we see an opportunity to create a superior product, we collaborate with you to leverage the most robust tools available.

High-end online store selling a very unique fashion accessory

Jafton went beyond the client’s expectations when the website made the store and product highly-convertible. Today, the majority of PoutCase web-store visitors have turned into loyal, repeat customers.

When PoutCase approached Jafton, they needed the best digital representation of their unique, first-of-its kind product along with the store that would convert its website visitors into loyal customers. We were able to provide them with just that.

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Jafton reads deep into the latest thinking to keep all your digital solutions ahead of the curve. Working with Jafton opens the door to transparent and active collaboration with our Agile team, allowing us to weave in opportunities when new technologies and market shifts come up.

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My website finally matches what I do. It makes a statement, and there is a much better connection with the other aspects of my business.

Peter NielsenLife Coach

We got not only a strong technical product but a business strategy consulting on how to make it successful from the team that has succeeded in similar business themselves.

Djurabek IsmatovFounder of Parkble (raised $500k)

We got lucky because Jafton has a lot of experience building different marketplaces.

Founders of Rentime

The product that we built is one of a kind - very complex and not every company can build but Jafton team did their job on a high end.

Founders of VaultCoutute

Such a responsive and lean structure of the team. And they know what you need better than you.

Digital Trust team