Blockchain development services

Jafton engineers secure and creative blockchain solutions to leverage blockchain technology across apps, platforms, smart contracts and to exchange data records. Our deep expertise is matched only by the profound business growth opportunities in each blockchain project.

Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain solutions and the distributed ledger

Blockchain technology has revolutionized existing processes across industries. Fintech, supply chain management, real estate, and retail were all attracted to the enhanced security of sensitive data and robust payment processing made possible by the distributed ledger.

Blockchain applications go beyond crypto payments, too. Blockchain app development enhances existing systems with automated workflows, protection from cyber attacks, useful trade tokens, and smart contracts.


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The Right Blockchain Development Company

Our custom blockchain app development leverages our development team, blockchain experts. These blockchain developers, part of our internal team, can build MVP, pilot, and full-scale custom blockchain solutions that meet all your business needs.

Our blockchain development services rally around our agile methodology. Any blockchain based application will require multiple iterations because blockchain technology is still so new. Many of the blockchain projects Jafton has built include supply chain, smart contract, logistics tracking, and custom consensus algorithms across various industries.

dApps development

Our blockchain development services include blockchain mobile app development, also known as “dApp” blockchain app development services. This new world of decentralized apps runs on open standards. This means you can deploy user-centric products on a public blockchain network to reduce operational costs while still gaining enhanced security.

Business blockchain platforms

Private blockchain networks enable custom blockchain solutions for your heightened security needs. Jafton blockchain development services include blockchain development solutions for various industries, like healthcare, insurance, or even for voting purposes. Where someone’s digital identity must be protected, our blockchain based development on public or private blockchain networks are the best.

Smart contract development

Smart contracts are blockchain application that uses the distributed ledger to make more business happen more securely. A blockchain development company programs any smart contracts blockchain platform to support initiatives from crowdfunding to real estate business needs, multi-signature wallets, blockchain based private auctions, and more.

Blockchain based marketplaces

Blockchain technology has powered new blockchain solutions including custom blockchain based marketplaces. Our blockchain software development company builds blockchain marketplaces from the ground up, including P2P, B2B, and B2C. Today’s new retail reality leverages custom blockchain development to power the new economy where transactions are cryptographically secure, transparent (but anonymous), and low cost.

Blockchain platforms by our development team

Want to buy something digital and unique? CocoLoco NFT will be the best solution. Unique tokens with cool custom designs created on the basis of the Cardano blockchain.

The client came in with just an idea and drawings, and we turned it into an innovative high-selling website that helped them sell 5k NFT’s worth 250k Cardano each ($750k at that time) in less than an hour after launch.

NFT is a digital certificate attached to a unique object. Each NFT is unique and available in a single copy, it cannot be shared, and all information about its author, buyer and all transactions made with him is securely stored in the blockchain.

If you would also like to have your own site with unique NFT projects, we are always ready to help you and succeed in this area!

Coolest Scarcities
on Cardano

CocoLoco unique NFT collection

Blockchain-powered solutions by Jafton include apps that cut through the messy chaos of innovation to drive the change you want to see.

This was the case with BlockGains App, the next-gen crypto portfolio app allowing crypto holders to track portfolio activity, get real time news, and strategize even greater gains.

This custom solution was built by our blockchain experts with the deepest strategy in mind.

Our blockchain implementation process - tested across blockchain projects and 100s of others

1 Step


Discuss your custom blockchain development project with the Jafton team. We map the requirements for your blockchain solution and provide blockchain consulting to determine the best business application of your idea.

2 Step

Planning and proposal

Our blockchain developers build the roadmap and define the blockchain technology required for your custom blockchain project. Our blockchain development team uses industry best practices in blockchain development with contingencies built into our agile process.

3 Step


The design phase of your blockchain solution kicks off the blockchain development process with a visual wireframe. All blockchain software development by our blockchain developers is based on this first look at the flow of your blockchain solution.

4 Step

Develop and code

Our blockchain development company takes it from there. Blockchain software development is our specialty, and here we start coding. Sit back and relax. Blockchain applications by our team use a cutting edge technology stack to build from the ground up.

5 Step

QA testing

Any blockchain platform or blockchain application is cutting edge because blockchain development is so new. Our blockchain development team undergoes quality assurance testing in the blockchain development process to ensure your blockchain based business applications work the way they should.

6 Step

Release and maintenance

Our blockchain development process doesn’t end after the release of your blockchain platform. We oversee release and maintenance. Blockchain based development services with a reliable partner include anything that comes up after launching your blockchain solutions.

What clients say about working with Jafton

Woman in a white shirt and an open computer

We haven't had any comments from developers or other people who’ve seen the work questioning why anything is built the way it is, because they’ve used such intuitive and cutting-edge technologies that everything just makes sense.

The founder has experience developing products, so he has the perspective of not only a service provider but also a startup. He understands how to scale the product and when to add features.

I’ve been planning to launch a subscription-based product for my fitness programs for a long time and Jafton finally helped me make it happen. The project has been live and thriving since 2017 and Jafton team has been supporting with all the maintenance!

I am so grateful to the Jafton team for bringing my dream project to life! They did an incredible job building the technology for the KIMIT App for iOS and Android platforms and advised me on how to properly launch the app. Our userbase is growing and people are loving the app!

They came to the project understanding what issues were in the trucking industry.

I’ve had horrible experiences with other companies who just want to take your money and finish the project and aren’t open to changing the scope. JAFTON is different. If there’s some work that becomes more complicated, it doesn’t matter. JAFTON’s main concern is delivering the solution that’s right for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blockchain network?

A blockchain network is a ledger and/or smart contract service infrastructure. One blockchain network can support any number of smart contracts providers or blockchain business web applications. All blockchain networks are decentralized, but some are public and some are private.

What are smart contracts?

A smart contract is a program stored on a decentralized blockchain that automates the execution of business signatures and validations. This means a smart contract is self-executing and automatically validates signatures against the conditions between signers. This works for the exchange of digital assets or real assets, including investments and real estate transactions.

What blockchain development has been done for the supply chain?

Supply chain businesses of all kinds have benefitted from keeping their business processes and data stored in the blockchain. Perhaps no other industry, however, has benefited from blockchain development quite like the supply chain. With logistics becoming faster-paced and more complex in the era of next-day e-commerce, the supply chain has enjoyed new blockchain development solutions that validate the movement of all assets without the standard onslaught of inconsistencies and errors.

What is a private blockchain network?

A private blockchain network (sometimes called a “permissioned blockchain”) is run and operated by one single, trusted intermediary. This provides greater security for certain business models and industries with more sensitive data requiring total insulated blockchain development solutions. Public blockchain networks, in contrast, are decentralized to anyone who chooses to validate transactions and run the network.

How do you vet a blockchain software development company?

Your business can vet a blockchain technology provider by the services they offer and the development experience they have. This includes looking at their previous blockchain development processes, experience with smart contracts and supply chain, and what ideas and feedback they offer when you share your big idea.

What are crypto consulting services?

Get bigger business insights from a crypto consultant or blockchain consultant. Each is a blockchain expert who provides the service of guiding your blockchain development project, including selecting the technology stack and features for your blockchain software idea or blockchain dApp. Business needs vary so much that a blockchain or crypto consulting service cuts through the noise of the endless online articles and opinions to identify the right strategy and approach for your blockchain solutions.

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