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With 8+ years of experience delivering the best mobile app development services, Jafton is the top iOS apps development business in the U.S. We have created a broad range of distinctive and user-friendly iOS mobile applications for the Apple ecosystem.

iOS Development Services

Bring your iOS app idea to life in the App Store with Jafton team

We take a unique strategy in our iOS app development process for each iOS app. We build iOS platform and iOS app development services for our clients, all backed by native software technologies and an experienced team of iOS app developers.


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iOS app development technologies

We pick the best iOS app technology stack, meaning we develop iOS apps at the intersection of language, platform, framework, and other tools for iOS development.

iOS Swift Technology

Swift is the native iOS app development language created by Apple to run native iOS apps. Though it requires a high level of maintenance, it guarantees the best performance of your iOS app, especially if you are running IoT or AR powered iOS apps.

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Support & Maintenance for iOS Apps

In addition to our iOS app development services, we provide continuous maintenance and support packages to assist you with any bug fixes or to upgrade your iOS app with additional features.

End-to-end iOS Development Services

Starting from scratch and ending with winning your market, our dedicated and experienced business analysts, project managers, iOS developers, and QA specialists provide their expertise for consulting, product strategy, UX/UI development, testing, and app quality.

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Successfuly developed Application

Caria (formerly known as Clio) is a health tracking, educational, and community app that helps women navigate through a healthier and easier menopause experience.

Caria allows its users to track symptoms, get personalized health insights, and connect with other women on a similar track.

The app becomes progressively more in-tune with each user's journey, too, sending her on a custom path to help her understand the changes she experiences and manage the symptoms that come with them.

The available courses on the app include tailored recipes and meal plans, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral techniques to overcome any and every menopausal symptom.

When the Caria team came to Jafton, it was clear that the final product would be robust. With options to shop in-app and connect with others on top of the health tracking and smart insights, the only thing Jafton left out in their programming was the kitchen sink..

Peanut is an app designed to connect women to one another throughout all stages of womanhood.

Since Jafton first started work with the Peanut team to turn their idea into the perfect software, more than two million women have joined the finished platform.

Women today join Peanut to connect, ask questions, and find support about everything in womanhood. Users navigate topics like fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, or menopause and find the community of other women ready to listen and offer valuable advice.

This complex app was programmed with many modules, including devoted areas to meet, chat, and share with individuals and with groups. Live audio conversations hosted by experts (called "Pods") are available on the platform, too.

Peanut has become a coveted destination for women looking to find community.

Our process tested on over 100 of client projects

1 Step

Discussing your app idea

We sketch out the details and create a vision to turn your idea into reality! We can build mobile apps for all iOS devices, including Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and iPhone devices.

2 Step

Code apps estimate

Communicate directly with developers to assess all the deliverables, select the tools and get a free quote for our iOS app development services.

3 Step


Then, our iOS app developers build a full roadmap for your custom iOS app development using our findings to suggest the optimal approach.

4 Step

App development

Our iOS app development company is built on an agile methodology with a cross functional team. This ensures quality code for your apps designed for your objectives and business model

5 Step


With rounds of testing and quality assurance, we verify functionality, performance, and ease of navigation along with the technical capabilities and a seamless user experience in your app.

6 Step

Timely delivery

Then, it’s time for release and the initial stage where our team can offer improvements and closely monitor your iOS app performance. We work closely with you for any final touches.

What clients say about working with Jafton

Woman in a white shirt and an open computer

We haven't had any comments from developers or other people who’ve seen the work questioning why anything is built the way it is, because they’ve used such intuitive and cutting-edge technologies that everything just makes sense.

The founder has experience developing products, so he has the perspective of not only a service provider but also a startup. He understands how to scale the product and when to add features.

I’ve been planning to launch a subscription-based product for my fitness programs for a long time and Jafton finally helped me make it happen. The project has been live and thriving since 2017 and Jafton team has been supporting with all the maintenance!

I am so grateful to the Jafton team for bringing my dream project to life! They did an incredible job building the technology for the KIMIT App for iOS and Android platforms and advised me on how to properly launch the app. Our userbase is growing and people are loving the app!

They came to the project understanding what issues were in the trucking industry.

I’ve had horrible experiences with other companies who just want to take your money and finish the project and aren’t open to changing the scope. JAFTON is different. If there’s some work that becomes more complicated, it doesn’t matter. JAFTON’s main concern is delivering the solution that’s right for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why iOS for app development?

Apple is currently in its peak, having established itself as the ultimate platform for users, with macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS being used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

And, if you've done any competition study or market research, you've probably seen that many of your potential clients are Apple users. As a result, we prioritize iOS over the android release across industry verticals.

Because the iPhone is the most common device among the younger demographic, we'll concentrate on the relevance of iPhone app development enabling you to reach a much larger audience. That’s not to mention that iOS users spend three times more on in-app purchases than Android users, meaning Android app sales are a fraction of Apple store sales. See the opportunity yet? That could be yours if you couple it with our extensive expertise in Apple products and iOS applications.

Why custom iOS app development?

Apple and iPhone allo development services center on custom app development, but why? Mobile apps can be built on existing frameworks, or you could sell your products or services inside other apps.

All apps will go away at some point, though. Just look at the fading popularity of Facebook.

Our custom app development company maximizes the potential for your big idea. By creating your own iOS application for Apple devices, you offer users an experience that you can hold all the strings on.

What factors affect cost of iOS app development?

The main factors that affect the cost of the development iOS app include the length of the project and the complexity of the app features.

When answering the cost question for any app development company, there are several aspects to consider, especially with the price of developing an iPhone app. Before settling on an iOS app development budget, there a few things to think about.

First, the size and complexity of your iOS app will influence the cost of iPhone app development. As the size of your iOS app grows, so do the number of features and screens, resulting in longer development time and, as a result, a larger investment to produce an iOS app.

Then, it also depends how many Apple devices you want your mobile app to work on. Apple TV and iPhone app development, for example, require different screen size optimizations for use across mobile devices.

There are many distinct components and levels to iOS mobile app development, too, and each requires technical expertise. Some aspects of iOS mobile development require their own programming languages.

Hiring individual iOS developers can quickly escalate the cost of the total app development process. Conversely, you could employ an offshore iOS app development company for a full-stack iOS app development solution at a lower cost.

All iOS app designs and sub-processes require varying time to complete, resulting in varying investments, usually quoted according to the estimation of how many billable hours the application development services will take. In IT the industry, for extensive experience and access to related services, hourly rates for application development varies anywhere from $20 to $200/hour.

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