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Custom web apps of any complexity

The role of web apps to meet your business can’t be underestimated. Having delivered hundreds of apps, Jafton knows what is the best fit for their business solutions, as we go beyond web application consulting or back-end development services. Numbers never lie!

Custom web application are a really good alternative to building mobile applications when the solution is not too complex. It takes less time to develop and requires way less maintenance than the mobile application. It is perfect for MVP.

Starting from designing custom web apps to their maintenance, automation, and QA support, we have all the teams under the same roof and over 90% of them are developers.

This ensures not just a unified strategy, but also faster turnaround and better communication.


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Web app development technologies

As an officially recognized top progressive web app development company in the US, Jafton uses the latest technologies to run your project smoothly.

Proper pick of the stack depends on two factors: our developers’ skills and your business goals. So just describe what you want and be sure about the rest!

Web App Development

Our team is always on the hunt for the latest and most efficient frameworks/technologies. And this is our stack for your customized web apps:

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Successfully developed Application

Multiplatform Video Conference is a video conferencing and remote work platform. With integrated tools combining for a complete suite of solutions, was custom designed by our development team to meet today’s new professional needs. works for collaborations and for small businesses to scale smarter. With built-in automations and workflows, businesses and teams of professionals win instant time back with systematic and self-sustaining scheduling and calendar maintenance.

The platform also offers digital work tools like a multiplayer whiteboard, share documents and secure workspaces. Users collaborate within their organization and with clients and external contributors using seamless sharing and connection.

1:1 Online Appointments Made Easy website with heading 1:1 online appointments made easy

Roam - discover event in your town

All events are collected in one place for you

The Roam platform is a service for all preferences, rediscovering the city! It will help you find upcoming online and offline events in your city (Washington State, Tacoma)

This application was developed using PWA technology, which visually and functionally transforms the site into an application

The client's goal was to quickly and efficiently launch a service that would make it easy to get acquainted with all the events of the city

We proposed to develop a web application based on PWA technology based on MVP, thanks to which the client will reduce costs and risks, and will also be able to create a mobile application on the IOS and Android platform as efficiently as possible.

If you also need to quickly and quickly launch or test your service, then a web application is just what you need.

All your favorite events in One App

Roam logo

Our process tested on over 100 of client projects

1 Step

Discussing the Idea

We collect all the information about the project's technical requirements and business goals!

2 Step


Based on the information collected in the first stage we do market research and development analysis to estimate project timelines and cost with our developers.

3 Step


If the estimation makes sense we send the official proposal and the contract with all the deliverables, timeline and cost breakdown.

4 Step


When it comes to developing apps, an agile approach is best suited. The requirements for the development may change throughout the project and we can tailor towards that.

5 Step


With many rounds of evaluation, we test functionality, performance, and ease of navigation and make sure software runs with no bugs.

6 Step


It's time to deploy your software and push it out to the market after it's gone through the necessary testing and evaluation.

What clients say about working with Jafton

Woman in a white shirt and an open computer

We haven't had any comments from developers or other people who’ve seen the work questioning why anything is built the way it is, because they’ve used such intuitive and cutting-edge technologies that everything just makes sense.

The founder has experience developing products, so he has the perspective of not only a service provider but also a startup. He understands how to scale the product and when to add features.

I’ve been planning to launch a subscription-based product for my fitness programs for a long time and Jafton finally helped me make it happen. The project has been live and thriving since 2017 and Jafton team has been supporting with all the maintenance!

I am so grateful to the Jafton team for bringing my dream project to life! They did an incredible job building the technology for the KIMIT App for iOS and Android platforms and advised me on how to properly launch the app. Our userbase is growing and people are loving the app!

They came to the project understanding what issues were in the trucking industry.

I’ve had horrible experiences with other companies who just want to take your money and finish the project and aren’t open to changing the scope. JAFTON is different. If there’s some work that becomes more complicated, it doesn’t matter. JAFTON’s main concern is delivering the solution that’s right for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between a website and a web app?

Web application is designed for end-user engagement. Website basically contains static content. Web app users can view the program's content as well as alter the data but the user of the website can only read the material and not alter it.

Why you should consider ReactJS web app development services?

It encourages reusability and the creation of cross-platform apps. Apps built using ReactJS are extremely simple to test. We may change the state we supply to the ReactJS view and look at the output and triggered actions, events, functions, and so on by treating React views as functions of the state.

Why do you need web application consulting?

Website development consultants assist clients to realize a vision based on their requirements by focusing on website strategy, engagement, UI/UX, content strategy, prototyping, and user interface design, among other things. Website developers concentrate on creating a working website that satisfies all of the standards.

How Can I Validate My App Idea?

The three major techniques to verify an app concept are using a Proof of Concept (POC), a Prototype, or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). They provide other advantages in addition to validation, such as eliciting new ideas and areas for improvement, client and stakeholder participation, and ensuring that the whole team is working toward the same goal throughout the project's lifetime. If you want to improve your product launch and raise the chances of success, employing one or more of these approaches can help you avoid frequent blunders, such as incorrect features or an app that doesn't have a market niche.

Each method is individually advantageous when appropriately used, whether you’re looking to test fundamental business concepts, win over stakeholders, or validate marketability.

Should I Choose Native Or Hybrid Development?

This decision may make or break the effectiveness of your mobile strategy, depending on your company objectives and overall product goals. There are several aspects to consider when deciding whether to design your mobile app as a web, native, or hybrid app.

Native apps are designed for specific platforms and are thus quick and responsive. They are said to be the most efficient and provide the finest overall user experience. Thus we use special mobile development technologies to develop a custom app you need.

Hybrid Apps need you to deal with issues that arise from both native and web systems, making bug fixes more complicated. By using hybrid app development services you can have mobile applications run in webview, performance is also a drawback. Furthermore, the more customization you desire in your hybrid program, the more expensive it will be, thus a native solution can be a better value. As a cross platform software development company, Jafton can build custom made apps with any method that meets your needs.

What Should I Look For In A Custom Software Development Team?

It's better to go with a company that specializes in mobile application development rather than one that offers it as an afterthought. These app development teams usually use an agile development style, place a high emphasis on product strategy and UX/UI design, and have data analytics experience, excellent technical capabilities, and platform expertise to build mobile apps of any complexity.

It's critical to look at a development team's portfolio while evaluating them. It's preferable if you check through relevant case studies and verified reviews from reputable sources. Also, inquire about past work samples.

Finding out if a possible team's previous projects have satisfied the expectations of previous clients is the best approach to choose the most suitable custom application development services

How Do Free Apps Make Money?

Choosing the correct mobile app monetization model is critical to the success of any mobile app, and choosing the wrong approach can have a detrimental influence on the entire user experience. How can you monetize your app while maintaining its overall quality and user experience?

Our mobile app development team will suggest the most appropriate strategy and will develop suitable custom mobile applications for your enterprise.

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