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Watch your software products come to life by partnering with our product development team. We reduce time to market while ensuring maximum product quality. How? Learn about our software product development solutions below, and you’ll see.

Software Product Development

Software product development

Market competition is increasing in every industry, and customer expectations are changing. End-user demand is requiring new software products every day. Our software product development services start with your idea then apply our agile development and technology services to create the products today’s market demands.

Software product development starts with your business objectives. Connect with a company of innovation focused technology partners and watch your product development process unfold, employing cutting edge technologies and business analysts to map your product life cycle and ensure market success.


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Our SaaS product development company specializes in agile development and applying multiple technologies to guarantee product quality. Agile development methodologies enable us to employ robust frameworks and build differentiated products for a competitive edge with quality assurance throughout.

We leverage years of experience with our product development process and software product development services. Our proven processes have been acclaimed for their organizational efficiency and for deftly accomplishing business objectives.

Will your project be next?

New product development

Jafton team starts by analyzing the context of your product or idea. What are the product requirements? What will the expectations of the target users be? What additional features could make the product even more marketable?

SaaS product development

We analyze your product idea and carefully outline what the requirements will be for each release. Creating custom features from the ground up, we can also position SaaS products with custom APIs for integrations into existing systems.

Product improvements and market growth

If you have a product that needs some attention, our team creates a roadmap to implement new functionality. In some cases, this means we develop an international expansion strategy, too. Still, other products must evolve based on user feedback—and we do it all.

Business objectives-based engineering

Based on your business goals, we provide feedback and transparent reporting to position your product for market success. Jafton handles risk management, too, by guiding you through your options and offering game-changing ideas that make a measurable difference.

Proven track record with innovative products

Multiplatform Video Conference is a video conferencing and remote work platform. With integrated tools combined for a complete suite of solutions, was custom designed by our development service team to meet today’s new professional needs. works for collaborations and for small businesses to scale smarter. With built-in automation and workflows, businesses and teams of professionals win instant time back with systematic and self-sustaining scheduling and calendar maintenance.

The platform also offers digital work tools like a multiplayer whiteboard, share documents, and secure workspaces. Users collaborate within their organization and with clients and external contributors using seamless sharing and connection. app with heading 1:1 online appointments made easy

Transport Management System

A TMS, or a Transportation Management System, is a CRM designed specifically for the transportation and logistics industry. These CRMs empower modern logistics and transportation carriers to manage the enormous growth and demand in the industry today.

A custom TMS will control the movement of cargo, integrate GPS signals, track fuel, and manage all documents including invoices, bills of landing, proof of delivery, etc.

A TMS will also manage the salaries of drivers and other fleet management decisions, optimizations and movement to make logistics HR easier than ever.

Mobile Corporate Access Platform

Our agile development tested over 100s of projects

1 Step


Jafton signs on to be your development partner. According to your customer demands, our project managers take your idea and assess product quality and the core software concept. We take time to understand what purpose your software will serve.

2 Step


The next step in our software product development services is the product roadmap, defining the technology stack, and highlighting cost effective best practices to win competitive markets. We use industry best practices and technical expertise throughout our business processes.

3 Step


Our agile software product development then takes a turn for a visually-rich first wireframe. We use cutting edge technology to define how your software will look, function and feel. We deliver augmented user experiences starting in this stage of project management.

4 Step

Development and coding

Innovative products are our specialty, and once we get to the coding part of our development process, you can sit back and relax. Our software product development services apply our skilled resources in efficient workflows to build feature rich products.

5 Step


Part of our proven methodologies includes a robust quality assurance. To keep users from seeing bugs and to deploy cost effective products, software product development services don’t stop when a product is built. Your dedicated team employs testing as part of your product roadmap.

6 Step

Release and maintenance

Our agile development methodology includes oversight of your product release and maintenance after the fact, too. Product development services with a reliable partner include this final maintenance as things come up when selling on a dynamic marketplace.

What clients say about working with Jafton

Woman in a white shirt and an open computer

We haven't had any comments from developers or other people who’ve seen the work questioning why anything is built the way it is, because they’ve used such intuitive and cutting-edge technologies that everything just makes sense.

The founder has experience developing products, so he has the perspective of not only a service provider but also a startup. He understands how to scale the product and when to add features.

I’ve been planning to launch a subscription-based product for my fitness programs for a long time and Jafton finally helped me make it happen. The project has been live and thriving since 2017 and Jafton team has been supporting with all the maintenance!

I am so grateful to the Jafton team for bringing my dream project to life! They did an incredible job building the technology for the KIMIT App for iOS and Android platforms and advised me on how to properly launch the app. Our userbase is growing and people are loving the app!

They came to the project understanding what issues were in the trucking industry.

I’ve had horrible experiences with other companies who just want to take your money and finish the project and aren’t open to changing the scope. JAFTON is different. If there’s some work that becomes more complicated, it doesn’t matter. JAFTON’s main concern is delivering the solution that’s right for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do software product development services include?

Our software product development services include whatever your product development requires. We apply multiple technologies to develop new products and we analyze existing products to add a competitive edge. Our design software product development also enables us to apply our skilled resources to wireframes and more.

What is agile development methodology?

Our software product development company uses agile software development methods. This means our process centers around the idea of “iterative development.” Several versions of your product are rolled out over the course of development to boost organizational efficiency and increase speed to market without sacrificing product quality.

What about integrating multiple existing products?

Jafton team has extensive experience developing APIs to support an integration process of your product into existing software or systems. This is especially helpful for enterprises. Build superior products through branches of our services like Fintech software development services, educational software development services, or custom eCommerce software development.

What are the operational costs for a typical software product development service?

Many innovative thinkers with great software ideas come from the startup world. So they ask about price with a guttural feeling of concern—is there such a thing as a software development company for startups? The good news is that, with modern technologies and our extensive experience, we can make projects of all sizes work. Some software have been built for around $20,000, while others climb closer to $200,000. Ultimately, it will depend on the required functionality of your project.

How do you vet a SaaS product development company?

So, you have a big software idea. Start by looking at the testimonials and portfolio of a software product development company that calls your attention. Have they worked on projects like yours? Do they have proven experience with cutting edge technologies? Finally, make your ultimate decision based on who’s willing to truly partner with you. The expertise of your dedicated team is something you’ll want to tap to the max.

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