So, this is the most exciting moment, when you realize you have the greatest idea that can change this world! You know how big it could be, already have your own vision of how people are loving this product.


“There’s an app for that” you hear everywhere. And indeed it does seem like everything needs an app. But how do you know if your business does. Especially if you’re in the grocery business, there might not be much space left in consumers scope of attention.


So, you’ve decided to make an app. First, you have to know why you’re making an app in the first place. This is why it is important to figure out what type of app you’re going to be making of which there are 8 main categories of.


So, you’ve decided to build an online store and while your grand vision for building the next household name brand is clearer than anything else, what platform should power your store may not be as clear. And indeed Shopify and Magento are the biggest platforms in the game, making it even harder to decide.


Agile is a project management framework, originally designed to streamline software development processes. But it’s become more than that. Today, and for Jafton, Agile is a business philosophy. It’s a map of processes fueled by the perfect collaboration of talent, and celebrates the successful track record that’s refined the method over time.


Blockchain has become the buzzword, and rightly so, especially with the outlook of a more curative approach in health care.


Cloud computing is a fundamental part of most enterprise-level organizations today. And businesses of all sizes are quickly migrating their operations, software and data to the cloud, because it offers precisely what’s needed to compete in today’s fast-moving digital environment.


Over recent years, virtually every activity people once performed in-person or via computers are now being performed through mobile phones—and specifically, mobile apps. The time and money spent on custom mobile app development have increased as a result, reaching unprecedented demand and competition.