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The secure sale and ownership of non fungible tokens (NFTs) have opened a new market for unique digital collectibles. NFTs include art, music, games, real estate, domain names, smart contracts, and more.

The rise of digital token collectibles and digital assets around the world has been colossal. Adoption is growing fast, and your next app project could meet that need.

The first thing to do is a partner with the NFT developer who can help you do it.


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Our NFT marketplace expertise

Jafton works with you to identify your project requirements and then build a future-proof and scalable platform that allows users to buy and sell NFTs.

We use cutting-edge, seamless integrations with blockchain technology and other disruptive solutions to meet your project needs. Our white label NFT marketplace solution takes your idea to market.

Hybrid app development

Our non-fungible token marketplace development services include end-to-end platform development that you leverage across all devices. By building off iconic blockchain technology, we create your digital business platform then future-proof it in a hybrid app.

Web app development

Jafton creates NFT marketplaces that are ready to deploy for buyers and sellers on any internet browser. Building an NFT marketplace starts with a dynamic website solution. Our depth of knowledge of the tech behind blockchain platforms guarantees that your project will meet and exceed your requirements.

Blockchain development

Blockchain crypto solutions are key in the best NFT marketplace development. It’s not just applied to digital collectibles, either. Our blockchain-based marketplace development team can anchor your platform in physical goods, too, like the sale of real estate backed with an NFT-powered smart contract.

NFT marketplace development

Our NFT marketplace development services are just the tip of the iceberg. Jafton also offers NFT consulting for any NFT tokens based project to help you identify market needs, required technology stack, and the best features for your unique digital assets marketplace.

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Successfully developed projects

CocoLoco unique NFT collection

Want to buy something digital and unique? CocoLoco NFT will be the best solution. Unique tokens with cool custom designs created on the basis of the Cardano blockchain.

The client came in with just an idea and drawings, and we turned it into an innovative high-selling website that helped them sell 5k NFT’s worth 250k Cardano each ($750k at that time) in less than an hour after launch.

NFT is a digital certificate attached to a unique object. Each NFT is unique and available in a single copy, it cannot be shared, and all information about its author, buyer and all transactions made with him is securely stored in the blockchain.

If you would also like to have your own site with unique NFT projects, we are always ready to help you and succeed in this area!

Coolest Scarcities
on Cardano

CocoLoco unique NFT collection

Bad-Bullz unique NFT collection

Who let the bullz out? BadBullz - A series of limited NFTs with a unique handcrafted design from the team itself. BadBullz NFTs created using the Cardano blockchain will surprise you with their originality and uniqueness.

NFT is a digital cryptographic certificate that confirms the right to own a digital asset. NFT secures ownership of the original copy of a digital artifact.

With our company's help, the original design and idea of the client turned into a modern, beautiful and responsive website that brings good income.

If you have a desire to brand your creativity and earn income from its sale, then is ready to help you and make your product unique and valuable!

Cardano NFT’s

Bad-Bullz screen

Our process tested on over 100 of client projects

1 Step

Discussing the idea

Describe your NFT marketplace development idea to our team. We map the requirements and identify how to monetize it and what features will make white label NFT marketplace even better.

2 Step


Our NFT development services are broken into line items to review with stakeholders. Other development companies slap a sticker price on NFT software development, but we customize it to your project.

3 Step


Once your stakeholders and our team are aligned on the investment, we build a proposal that shows your platform features and user flows in action. This helps everyone visualize your NFT platform and features.

4 Step


Then Jafton team dives right in to build your NFT marketplace platform. This is done with custom code and an innovative tech stack, including white label saas marketplace, crypto solutions and more.

5 Step


Your custom marketplace will be more than good-looking—it will run 24/7 without the friction of bugs. We put your development NFT marketplace through rigorous testing and quality assurance.

6 Step


The release of your NFT marketplace platform is a moment of pure glee for your team and ours. We sit back and watch your innovation rock the NFT marketplaces.

What clients say about working with Jafton

Woman in a white shirt and an open computer

We haven't had any comments from developers or other people who’ve seen the work questioning why anything is built the way it is, because they’ve used such intuitive and cutting-edge technologies that everything just makes sense.

The founder has experience developing products, so he has the perspective of not only a service provider but also a startup. He understands how to scale the product and when to add features.

I’ve been planning to launch a subscription-based product for my fitness programs for a long time and Jafton finally helped me make it happen. The project has been live and thriving since 2017 and Jafton team has been supporting with all the maintenance!

I am so grateful to the Jafton team for bringing my dream project to life! They did an incredible job building the technology for the KIMIT App for iOS and Android platforms and advised me on how to properly launch the app. Our userbase is growing and people are loving the app!

They came to the project understanding what issues were in the trucking industry.

I’ve had horrible experiences with other companies who just want to take your money and finish the project and aren’t open to changing the scope. JAFTON is different. If there’s some work that becomes more complicated, it doesn’t matter. JAFTON’s main concern is delivering the solution that’s right for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are non fungible tokens (NFT)?

A non fungible token, or NFT, is any piece of data stored on a blockchain ledger that verifies its ownership and origin. For example, digital collectibles like digital art, art music, and even smart contracts or domain names can have verified ownership when stored on the blockchain.

What are non fungible tokens used for?

Non fungible tokens are used on buy sell marketplaces that support NFTs as collectibles. A token can also be used to verify signatures and timestamps to validate legal contracts or a “smart contract.” Anything that can be stored as NFTs (or a “token”) on the blockchain via a platform NFT marketplace can become digital assets.

What are the most popular NFT marketplace development solutions?

Because NFTs are best for digital arts, collectibles and other digital assets, specific marketplaces with features specific to the token type are popular. NFT music marketplace development has grown in popularity, for example. With non fungible music marketplace development, artists are able to validate the ownership of songs for copyright purposes and to help correct the climbing trends of piracy in the industry.

How do you launch your own NFT?

To launch an NFT platform, you need an NFT marketplace development company. These teams of developers are experienced in applying NFT token and blockchain technology to solutions of all kinds of requirements.

How do you vet NFT marketplace development solutions?

So, you have your big idea for a non fungible token marketplace. NFT platform development requires partnering with the right NFT marketplace development company for your NFT marketplace platform to be competitive in the market. Vet services you find by the experience they have with blockchain, the binance smart chain, and NFT tokens.

Where do brands go for marketplace development NFT?

The development of a platform NFT marketplace starts with a marketplace development company. NFT pros will know the ins and outs of NFT marketplace development. They’ll also know how to apply NFT industry standards like ERC 721 and ERC 1155 so your custom platform can compete with an end NFT marketplace like Opensea.

What is an NFT marketplace clone?

NFT clone development uses the same technology—like NFT and blockchain—as another business like Opensea and imitates its features or business model. Clone development is common when businesses want to create a new NFT marketplace platform but with similar features or services as the source. A clone is a quicker and more budget-friendly business model for NFT marketplace development.

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