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Caria is a health tracking, educational and community-building app for women to navigate through the healthy menopause experience.
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I love apps where I can chat with an expert. Great and amazingly helpful app!

About project

Caria (formerly known as Clio) allows users to track symptoms from menopause and get personalized health insights, all while connecting with others on a similar track. The app learns about its users and becomes progressively more “in tune” with each journey, too.

Caria features a growing educational library with health courses available right on the app. Users find recipes and meal plans, too, as well as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques to overcome every hurdle menopause might bring.

Project overview

The Caria team came to Jafton with an idea. They had imagined an app to help women in both relatable and actionable terms, by giving them every tool to live through a healthier, easier menopausal experience. That meant the app would include education, tracking, and community as the three pillars of real comfort and results.
Caria is a vision: one of an easier and healthier experience in menopause. The app would leverage community and built-in resources, bringing layers of needed help to its users.
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The Jafton team was so impressed with the idea behind Caria that the team wanted to develop the app as fast as possible. It was an idea that was completely absent in the market.
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Technology including Vimeo, WordPress, Google Workspace, Viewport Meta, SSL by default and iPhone and Android-compatible languages were used.
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The Caria app underwent Jafton’s rigorous beta testing, which is an ongoing part of the many agile iterations during and after development.
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Covering every aspect of an experience

The finished Caria app tracks users’ symptoms to monitor their health over time, then offers user-specific recipes, workout routines and education. The app also connects women with other women through an online question-and-answer forum and a discussion hub.
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No more taboo

Menopause has been a taboo topic for generations, too often sending women into a spiral of discomfort. The embarrassment also leads to less awareness and fewer resources to cope with symptoms—and each woman will experience menopause at some point. Caria offers all the tools that women need, including access to the community where women have a safe space with others who are living the same.

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